If your in the market for a new computer but don’t know what you need and don’t want to trust one of those minimum wage corporate employees I can help. We can sit down and figure out whats the best option for you at the local stores or find one online.

If you know exactly what you want I can also build one for you at a fraction of the cost of purchasing one at a store. The choice is yours and remember just because thats “all the store has” doesn’t mean thats whats best for you.

You may think that the moment you purchase a new PC from anywhere your problems are solved…. Well they aren’t.

New PC’s from all the manufacturers are loaded up with software and settings they are paid by software developers to install on new systems. I don’t know about you but I don’t like someone choosing what i will “need” and forcing me to have it on my computer.

This may surprise you but most of the anti-virus that comes with new computers are not free, they aren’t even good at detecting viruses. They are there to suck you in to a renewal fee so you can stay protected after a certain time. I know of many free alternatives that are much better and will not bog down your PC like the bloatware that it shipped with.

I offer a service to get that new PC you bought clean and guarantee it will be faster than when you took it out of the box. Many people don’t even open a computer when they buy it, they just drop it off to me and tell me to “Work My Magic”.

If it can be broken it can be fixed. Not only do I repair software problems but also hardware problems. Don’t throw that old computer in the trash before having a professional tell you if it is worth it to be fixed.

Remember that just because it wont “Boot” or “Power On”, Your data is still on the hard drive including your online banking information.

When an O/S reinstall of Windows is needed all your documents and pictures are restored after the wipe, unlike most place I have no “extra charge” for you to keep your data.

Throwing out or giving away your computer without scrubbing the hard drive is like throwing away your worn out wallet with your drivers license, social security card and birth certificate. Just because you cant access the data or you deleted it doesn’t mean someone else cant get it back.

I have the ability to wipe your hard drive to the point of no return, there will be no way any data recovery software will ever get your personal information and your PC will be safe to throw or give away.

This is a very important service everyone should use when moving to a new computer.

Disasters happen, computers burn out, data is very important and sometimes priceless.

I can recover data from a number of devices from cameras to cell phones, internal hard drives, external hard drives, and even USB thumb drives.

You can be back up and running as fast as possible without the hassle of waiting.

Preventing data loss is your best bet, as data recovery can get expensive and is not 100% guaranteed that your data will return safe.

I am proficient in data backup, and will sit down with you and discuss your best options for a basically maintenance free backup environment.

I am skilled in many forms of remote support. Sometimes unhooking your computer just isn’t an option or more work that just fixing the problem remotely.

I can guide you over the phone or VOIP on how to run a simple program on your computer that will allow me to connect remotely. As soon as we are done the program gets deleted and my access to your computer disappears.

Yes I root and unlock phones and tablets too!

I also un-root and re-lock for service or return!

Getting high speed Internet or just need to upgrade your current network?

I can install a secure high speed wired & wireless network inside of your home or business. Anyone can go buy a router from Best Buy and plug it in, the problem with that is then you don’t know if you and your neighbors have access to it instead of just you.

An unsecured wireless network is one of the most dangerous things to have, as someone can sit where you cant see them and listen to all your internet traffic including passwords.

I am proficient in all operating systems new and old.

Windows, *nix, osX and everything in between.

Also proficient in all Windows applications including but not limited too Microsoft Office and Adobe Photoshop.

Web presence is important in this day and age, whether it is a website, facebook, google+, twitter or maybe you just need an email address but don’t know how to pick the best way to go about it.

I can set you up online with a simple website, personalized email addresses at your own dot-com.

Getting your name out there is very important but getting started can sometimes be overwhelming.

I can help you get off the ground with designing anything from business cards, lawn signs, pens, mugs, you name it

I can even put in the order for as many as you would like.

The services listed here are just a sample of some of the stuff I can do for you.

If you need something exotic or complex done chances are I can get that done for you.

  • I am familiar with open source software.
  • I can help you convert from proprietary to open source.
  • Virtualization of your current servers & workstations
  • I run my own datacenter at my house!
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