Chip Shortage, Bitcoin Miners, Inflated Prices, Ransomware Oh My!

Yes, there is a chip shortage. Yes, there is a graphics card shortage. No, you shouldn’t pay over a thousand dollars for an entry-level graphics card. We are all waiting for the economy to normalize in order to get back to what we were all doing. Building a gaming pc, or any PC for that matter is cost-prohibitive at this point in time. I can give you a breakdown of what it would cost, but now isn’t the right time to be building new computers or buying pre-made ones.

In other news, currently, it is a hot time for ransomware. I am currently trying to track down how it is spreading, and it seems to be being packaged together with some of the “Shady” ways people are using and sharing “not so official” copies of software. Whoever is doing this seems to be targeting industrial-specific software more than any others.

What I have been doing is downloading and investigating popular files off of not so honest sites and reporting my findings to all the virus scanner software developers and submitting signatures and IP addresses to try and curb this nonsense.

That being said, now it is not only recommended but necessary to back up your important documents. If you have no idea, or a little idea and need a solution I do offer that service to get your backups up and running.


Lets face it, finding a person to repair your computer is a lot like finding someone to fix your car, you have most likely already gone through a bunch of places and regretted each one. You also most likely have been told a lot of misleading information and felt ripped off.

Countless times have I heard the horror stories coming out of the corporate companies thinking they have a real technology area with real techs. Instead they have people that are trained in the bare minimum when it comes to fixing your problem. Usually they have an “its broken, buy a new one” mentality.

If you can break it, I can fix it. I am based out of Bridgewater VT and service many different types of devices. Desktops, Laptops, Phones and Tablets.

Summary of my Skillset

  • Diagnostic
  • Repair
  • Network design
  • Web Design
  • Training
  • Consultation

Lets face it,  stuff happens.  The faster you can get your problem fixed, the faster you can pretend it never happened

Believe it or not, stuff like this happens every day.  If your still stuck please take a look at the FAQ section for more information

You Might Need My Help If…

  • Someone else “Fixed” your computer and now your stuck with no time to wait at a local shop?
  • Your anti-virus has expired and you don’t know what to do, and especially don’t want to pay blindly for sub par protection
  • Your throwing out or giving your computer away and want to make sure all your data is off of it.
  • Computer running slow and need to be cleaned?
  • Caught a nasty virus and need it removed?
  • Want to upgrade your PC with a new version of windows?
  • Just cant figure out how to do something and don’t want to waste any more time trying.

New threats happen every second.  Staying up to date is more important than most people could even imagine.